Neurodiversity Speaker and Training Specialist, Ryan Casey, M.A.

Ryan Casey is a neurodiversity employment specialist.  He is the Founder and Executive Director of ClearWeave Careers – a company that helps the Neurodivergent find and retain employment.  Ryan has appeared on PBS, spoken at Yale, and has trained teams at: the Guggenheim Museum, Oracle, and CVS.

Ryan Casey

What does Neurodivergent mean?

US /ˌnʊr.oʊ.dɪˈvɝː.dʒənt/   UK /ˌnjʊə.rəʊ.daɪˈvɜː.dʒənt/   (also neurodiverse)
having or related to a type of brain that is often considered as different from what is usual, for example that of someone who has autism: The report claimed that around 20% of high school students in America are neurodivergent.

There are many different types of developmental neurodivergent conditions.


(source: Cambridge Dictionary)

Ryan Casey and Temple Grandin in New Haven, CT
Ryan Casey and Temple Grandin in New Haven, CT


Ryan will speak to your team and / or at your event about Neurodiversity in the workplace. This is usually done remotely to teams within a company / organization. Ryan can teach the following:

Neurodivergent 101 (Fundamentals)

To schedule class or for additional info, email: [email protected]

Neurodivergent Interviewing

To schedule class or for additional info, email: [email protected]

Neurodivergent On-Boarding

The beginning weeks after a hire is made are crucial to success. This class covers the best ways to bring a Neurodivergent individual onto your team. This includes: training support for that individual, what to have set up already on his / her first day, and the first weeks of support.

Neurodivergent Retention

Keeping your staff supported after on-boarding is essential. This class covers the needs of a Neurodivergent individual who is already part of your organization. It provides strategies for companies to help support an individual who has been recently hired via an agency or - a person who already exists as an employee (agency or not). Learn ways to ensure your employee is supported and also - enjoys his / her experience on the job.


Ryan can do speaking events and / or class format style to fit your specific needs. Questions and answers can be done in either.


Learn about the different certifications we can provide and their benefit.


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Helpful Tips – A Little Goes a Long Way.

The following is taken from our training classes and are ways in which you can more effectively hire and retain Neurodivergent Talent.

People on the Autism Spectrum are visual thinkers.
When possible, use visually-based “guides” to support their work – some of these might include:
  • Index Cards
  • Flow Charts (Show where he or she is in the process!)
  • Texts, Slack (software), or Emails vs. Phone (when possible)
Utilize Support Staff
If a person has identified as being Neurodivergent – politely ask if they would be willing to allow you to contact a member of their support staff.  Often they are willing to allow this and it will help you to quickly understand his or her strengths and weaknesses.
Provide Extra Training and Feedback
Often the Neurodivergent will want extra training.  We have often seen clients that ask that extra training be provided.  There is a similar situation with feedback.  Many individuals in this population want feedback – but sometimes are unsure how to ask.  Be proactive and he or she will appreciate it.

Articles of Note

  • Boost creativity. The Neurodivergent can produce original ideas often more than their Neurotypical counterparts and can help your team improve its “Diagonal Thinking” –
  • Why diagonal thinking is important –
  • People on the Autism Spectrum are more likely to produce unusually creative and original ideas – |
  • Easy-to-Use Staff. Our clients bring you an amazing “yes” attitude and superior loyalty to each project. No headaches or unnecessary egos. –
  • Gain New Creative Perspectives / Output. Unique Neurodivergent Problem-Solving Viewpoints and products –
  • Innovate While Growing Internal Meaning / Brand. Neurodivergence contributes to: creativity, innovation, and purpose – |
  • People with Autism are super-focused and possess greater ability to process information – |
  • Our clients can provide Extraordinary Attention to Detail. Studies have shown that people on the Spectrum are especially gifted at finding errors in patterns. –
  • Individuals on the Autism Spectrum are more capable in the Visual-Spatial tasks in comparison to their Neurotypical counterparts (they have a heightened abilities in visuo-spatial functioning) –


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